Sewing Systems ZZ567-75

  • ZZ567-75

Keestar ZZ567-75 is a high speed mid-heavy duty long arm zigzag sewing machine. The machine could achieve 14 different stitches including zigzag stitch, straight stitch, butted stitch, and decorative stitch by changing different cams. Equipped with large rotating hook, increas the work efficiency. Semi-automatic lubrication system promise long service life of spare parts. Keestar ZZ567-75 is specilized for sewing mid-heavy weight materials like shoes, case, bag, canvas product, leather product, etc.

Max. Speed

1,400 rpm

Max. Stitch length

5 mm

Zigzag seam

0-10 mm

Max. Sewing thickness

8 mm

Needle bar stroke

36 mm

Thread take-up stroke

80 mm


DPx35 120#-19#




740x115 mm

Working space

740x165 mm


750W servo motor

Standard equip

Pneumatic presser foot lift, pneumatic reverse stitch, automatic upper and lower thread cutting, puller



Rotating hook

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